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What certifications does your nappy have?
Palmbaby Bio-Nature Nappies has obtained ISO:9001 for quality management system certification, ISO:13485 medical system management certification and CE safe product. On environmental protection and social commonweal, 
we have obtained FSC certification by forest stewardship council and passed SGS international quality audit,Australasian Bioplastics Association degradable packaging, and ISO:14001 environmental management system certification.
We have obtained SEDEX ethical production,BSCI social compliance and OHSAS18001 occupational health and safety certification through assessments of business ethics, social responsibility and occupational health.
Let your baby be fully guaranteed in quality, safety and health.


Just wondering can this nappy be biodegradable?
Palmbaby Bio-Nature Nappies are using 100% biodegradable bamboo fiber backsheet which are certified by the SGS testing agency. At the same time, our packaging are made of 100% biodegradable materials which is certified by Australasian Bioplastics Association. Generlly speaking, biodegradable refers to the process of decomposing into harmless products in nature. It's work in soil, water, sunlight, microorganisms, wind etc.So that our nappy’s backsheet and packaging are biodegradable. 


Are these nappies packaging also can biodegradable?
Yes! Our packaging are made from plant ingredients like corn, also it's 100% biodegradable materials which is certified by Australasian Bioplastics Association.


Do your nappies use ink printing?
No! Palmbaby Bio-Nature Nappies start from smallest details, insists on 0% ink printing. Decrease ink irritation to baby's skin to reduce sensitive risk.


What does meaning of  the FSC label on the product box?
It means our nappies are made of FSC certified wood pulp that make the forest is being managed in a way that preserves biological diversity and benefits the lives of local people and workers. 
Simply put: by choosing products with FSC labels, you are helping to take care of the world’s forests.


What are Palmbaby Bio-Nature Nappies made from?
Our absorbent core layer is composed of SAP absorbent polymer and wood pulp. Highly selected  SAP super absorbent core brings excellent absorbency with up to 12 hours of dryness and comfort;using FSC certified wood pulp which promotes sustainable forest use.The elastics is made from rubber. All materials undergo a stringent product safety assessment and are manufactured under strict guidelines.


Do your nappies contain harsh chemicals?
Palmbaby Bio-Nature Nappies contain no chlorine, latex,formaldehyde , fragrance or other nasty chemicals. Using 0% ink printing to safe care baby sensitive skin.


Do you use SAP in your nappies?
Palmbaby Bio-Nature Nappies select cotton feeling core and SAP to provide massive absorption to keep the butts dry all the time. SAP materials are safe, non-toxic, non-mutagenic, non-irritating and used throughout the sanitary industry.


What is double 3D leak guard?
Palmbaby Bio-Nature Nappies try new innovations. Our double 3D leak guard increases the absorption area and minimizes the risk of side leakage.


Do your nappies can prevent back leakage?
Yes,we can! Palmbaby Bio-Nature Nappies with super elastic and stretchy waistband. Softy surrounded the body, close protection and prevent back leakage.


Does your nappies have wetness indicators?
The wetness indicator in the Palmbaby Bio-Nature Nappies. The yellow indicator turns blue when the nappy absorbs the liquid.Let you know when the needs a nappy change.


Do you have samples?
Currently, sample is not available. Our nappies have premium quality and affordable price. Now buy nappies of jumbo box or mini box plus A $ 6.95 to enjoy free shipping. Buy 2 jumbo boxes to enjoy free shipping directly. At the same time, we provide 90 days money back service. Please worry free to experience.


These nappies are cheaper than other nappies.
Yes! Because of our products are network direct sales. It's no distributor and listing free. So our price is very favorable.


Wondering if you do wholesale? 
Yes,we do! Tell us your demand and shipping address, We would like to develop a quotation according to your needs that make sure suit your requirements.


Is correct of the size guide on the package?
Because each baby has a different body and freedom of movement so the weight range on each of our packs is a guide only.


Do you have nappy pants?
We are currently developing our bamboo fiber nappy pants! It's also eco-friendly series.If you want to be the first to know when it launches then keep follow our social pages and join us.


How to prevent and treat nappy rash?
(1) Keep clean and dry.
Change nappies every 3 hours, 8 nappies a day.
(2) Choose a breathable nappy.
Palmbaby Bio-Nature Nappies use bamboo fiber backsheet which are very breathable. Try it and love it.
(3) Make sure to keep your hands are clean.
To avoid hands carry the rash to other parts of your baby’s body.