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Palmbaby takes an active part in charity, environmental protection and other public welfare and caring undertakings.


The non-woven fabric layer used in traditional nappies are not biodegradable or environmentally friendly.

Palmbaby is committed to our environmental protection and after continuous research and development, we’ve found that using bamboo fibre instead of non-woven fabric will only take 90 days to degrade naturally!

So, we use bamboo fibre as a new material in BIO-NATURE BABY NAPPIES, and these nappies are 15.8%* more biodegradable than traditional nappies!

Additionally, BIO-NATURE BABY NAPPIES choose 0% ink printing, biodegradable packaging and environmentally friendly outer boxes certified by Australasian Bioplastics Association. No chlorine, No latex, No formaldehyde. BIO-NATURE NAPPIES truly achieve the combination of environmental friendliness and effectiveness!

*Each of Palmbaby Bio-Nature Nappies weighs 23-48g (depending on different size), and in each nappy we use 4-7g (approximately 15.8%) biodegradable bamboo fibre to replace the traditional non-woven fabric.