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How to choose disposable baby nappies


The nappies should be breathable. Although with the development of science and technology, the emergence of "nappies" has brought great convenience to people, there are still many parents who would rather choose traditional nappies than "nappies". Not only is the price of nappies more expensive, but the most important thing is that they are not as breathable as nappies. Children will feel uncomfortable wearing nappies. Therefore, old-fashioned nappies are always the first choice for families with newborn babies. 

It is recommended to choose disposable eco-friendly nappies,biodegradable nappies made from Palmbaby is the best disposable nappies which people from Australia choose.


The material of the nappies should be soft, absorbent, washable, and easy to dry. In terms of materials, gauze, white cloth and soft cotton cloth are all suitable. You can also choose old white sheets, adult's old cotton sweaters, cotton wool pants, old quilts, old bed sheets, etc. nappies made for newborn babies.


If it is a new reusable nappies, it must be boiled and washed first, and then used after removing the hard pulp. If it is cut from old clothes, it can be washed clean, boiled in water, and dried in the sun before use.


Choose a suitable nappies, usually the shape of the nappies is square and rectangular. The square is 70-80 square centimeters, stacked into a triangle for use. Rectangular nappies usually use two at a time, but only one at birth. The number of nappies is about 30 pieces, but it is not easy to dry after washing in winter, so it is best to prepare more.