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Newborn nappy changing FAQ

Every baby is unique. When your newborn finally arrives, in addition to the happy moments of parenting, there are some messy chores, such as changing nappies.


How Often To Change a Newborn’s Nappy


This is a good question to consider while preparing for the arrival of your newborn. Experts recommend that you change your newborn’s nappy every two to three hours, or as often as needed, and you’ll change fewer nappies as they get older. 

The following problems may occur if nappies are not changed for a long time:

  • Overly wet nappies left on too long can contribute to the risk of diaper rash
  • Poop will irritate your baby's skin
  • Bacteria may cause bladder infections
  • Dirty nappies may leak and spread to baby clothes, cribs and safety seats.


When To Change Newborn Baby's nappies


Keeping an eye on your baby's nappies all the time may consume your daily life. Parents only need to pay attention to when the baby's diapers become wet or dirty. Palmbaby Bio-Nature Nappies' wetness indicator is located in the middle of the nappy. When the nappy is wet or dirty, the wetness indicator changes from yellow to blue. You don’t need to take off the nappy repeatedly to check the situation, you can know that the baby may need to change the nappy.


How Often To Change a Newborn’s Nappy At Night


In the evening, your baby’s nappies may only be a little wet, and you might let your baby to sleep like this. Palmbaby Bio-Nature Nappies with excellent features of long-lasting absorption, which helps prevent leakage and keep your baby comfortable while sleeping. However, it is better to be able to change those dirty nappies before your baby go to sleep.


How To Successfully Change a Nappy


Have everything ready before starting

Undo clothing and roll it up

hold baby’s ankles and lift the bum up

Use the front of the nappy to clean most of the mess

Use wipes to clean, paying attention to creases

Change into a clean nappy and get dressed